2023....HERE I COME

ALHAMDULILLAH......Pejam celik pejam celik 2022 is a thing in the past now. 2022 has been the YEAR for me which I am indefinitely grateful for.... BUT...........with that being said.....

2023 will be even better. Insya Allah. I was lucky enough to have been given some of the greatest opportunities and experinces all throughout 2022 which also granted me with so many achievements.

but as I have said, I plan to make 2023 even better!!!! 

One of the thing that I want to dive in even deeper this year is BLOGGING.....

So, here I am and here you are meeting in the 'bloggerverse......' Hi...pleasure to meet you. 😀😀😀 am in no way the BEST educator in the world but I believe that my 14 ++ years of  teaching experiences combined with my tendency to explore and apply new tools in the classrooms provide me with some experiences, some class stories be it a success or failure stories that I could share with everyone regardless if you are an educator too or not.

So guys, sit back and relax.... enjoy the journey with me..... and don't forget to FOLLOW my blog for more updates real soon.

Until then,

Lots Of 💓

Madam Zetty


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