⚡Be A Game Changer ⚡

Games in the classroom has been a talk for years. Teachers have started to use web-based game to carry out live quizzes in their classroom. One of them is Quizizz  Quizizz has helped me though my virtual teaching during covid tremendously and I have never looked back ever since.

Even after school has reopened I still use it as part of my revision or enrichment activities. I'm glad to see how Quizizz has evolved since. There are so many quiz types you can choose from and other features that make creating afun and easy in class quiz enjoyable.

Lessons do not have to be draggy and monotonous anymore.

Never used it before? No worries it is very user friendly or shall I say 'Teacher friendly" 


Quizizz provide an opportunity for teachers to be its certified educator. and YES!! I couldn't let this opportunity go. So, last week I took on the challenge and become one the Quizizz Certified Game Changer.

Trust me.... it's simple. You will have to answer questions about Quizizz but you are provided with short videos to help you out with the questions. So, you are learning about it along the way as well. 

By the end of the 7Th part you will know more about it than you do and can't wait to use it in your classroom! and yes.....you get the bragging rights..... ha...ha...ha.....

Become a Game Changer yourself today!



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