Bored of the same old look of your presentations?  Well, Prezi got you covered. 

What is Prezi? It is a multimedia tool that can be used as an alternative to the traditional slides making programs. It uses a large canvas with which you can pan and zoom to a specific area of the canvas that you want to focus on. this makes your presentation more animated and professional-looking. 

It creates amazing and engaging visual impact that enables you to take your audience to be transported into your presentation. This is what makes me attracted to Prezi in the first place.

if you want to use the presentations you've already made with PowerPoint or Google Slides well, good news! You can import them to Prezi Present too!

That is my simple presentation that I made to try out Prezi Present. I can't wait to explore more of its features and make even more stunning presentations to be used in my classroom.

Other than that, Prezi also offers Prezi Design. Although it is not as fancy as Canva and other design tool out there but if you're a teacher and want to make a quick infographic about a certain topic like Parts of Animals, Nouns etc than it should be able to help you out.

and last but not least and the thing that makes me drawn to Prezi is Prezi Video. As an EduYoutuber,  I always find ways to amp up my lesson videos. when I stumbled upon Prezi during Covid Lockdown and school became virtual, I instantly fell in love.

Watch my sample video HERE.

Awesome right. I couldn't wait to explore more! oh Yeah, what's more, Prezi Video can also be used in tele-conferencing like Zoom. Microsoft Teams and more. and just like Prezi Present you can also import your slides from PowerPoint and Google Slides into Prezi Video !

So.........teachers......what are you waiting for? head over there and explore!

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