Kahoot! has been in the education world for so many years but has been used a lot more during the pandemic when school has become online. Therefore, more and more educators regardless from whatever levels of students they have, have dived deeper and been using Kahoot to help them in their virtual teaching. 

So, what is Khoot! ? Kahoot is a Game-based learning platform that makes it easy for educators around the world to create, share and play learning games such as quiz, trivia, and so much more.

Why Kahoot? For me personally I believe in making learning fun and stress free. One of the ways that we teachers can do this is by using games in our teaching process. I mean....who doesn't like games right? Especially children. By using games, it increases their curiosity, excitement and motivation to learn, participate and collaborate in the classroom. 

Kahoot! has added so many updates that make it creating learning games even more exciting and variable to suit our teaching purpose or objectives.

Now, Kahoot provides an opportunity for educators to be a Kahoot Certified educator under its Kahoot Certified for schools programme. You will answer quizzes about Kahoot and its features through the Kahoot app 

I've received my Bronze and Silver Badges. Get your now too!!

Find out more about it here. 



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