We can't deny that technology has increasingly planted its way into our classroom. So, as teachers, we have to embrace this and adapt it to our teaching and learning processes.

So many researchers have said that using Blogging as a  tool for ESL students to practice their writing skills is very beneficial indeed.

Through blogging students will get the chance to :

  1. Work collaboratively with their peers.
  2. Get feedbacks from peers and teacher.
  3. Improve analytical and critical thinking skills.
  4. Express creativity.
  5. Empower their voice.
Those were the gist. 

There are many other benefits to using blogging as a tool to teach writing skills which you can find and read online. 

So. I try to introduce this to my students too. However, progress is yet to be seen because I am still at the early stage of getting them familiar and comfortable with the site and of course writing in English itself. 

Slowly but surely..

If you are interested to try this with your students too then you should try EduBlogs. It is a blogging site that is powered by Wordpress !

You can link your students blog to your blog so it makes it easier for you to visit them.

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